Connie Bruse

Fun, creativity, and relaxing with friends and family is what Chalky & Company is all about. I grew up making things and love to do fast projects-instant gratification!
I started as a Chalky & Company Consultant in November 2016. I am so happy and in love with this amazing company. We have so many options with handmade products made in the USA in Maine. We have highest quality wood bases,  Chalky Paints including metallics, glazes, finishes, handmade stencils, and so many awesome techniques that the possibilities are endless! We offer Chalky painting, glazing, stenciling, and distressing. Our workshops are free with the purchase of your project. New ideas are thought up at C & C Headquarters and we are blessed with Kit of the Month and two beautiful catalogs each year. Besides making money, having fun, making new friends, -WE ARE FAMILY! (the most supportive and positive group of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with!). Please join me in a workshop (or you could sign up as a retailer) and join the fun. Remember, orders need to be placed two weeks in advance for workshops. Pop up workshops do happen since I have a wonderful inventory in my shop by Horace ND.
Enjoy your day!

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